Monday, March 30, 2009

Going off the grid

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Last week I nearly broke my big toe, putting me out of commission for a long time. In fact, it still hurts and I can't really walk that far. As I sat around with nothing to do (well, nothing I WANTED to do) I realized how dependent I am on the internet for so many things. I must have checked my email about 30 times the first day, watched hulu during nap times and spent countless hours browsing through facebook and leaving little comments on my friend's comments. At the end of the day, I felt sick and achy. No, not from the pain medicine, but from staring at this little screen for hours and hours. This was not the way I was made to operate! I know that technology can be wonderful, but between twitter, hulu, netflix instant movies, email, google groups, yahoo groups, and SO many more, I am not in touch with what is truely happening around me. It's SPRING for heaven's sake, and I'd rather be typing? I think not.

SO, starting Tuesday (tomorrow), for one week, I am signing off. I'm going off the grid. No twittering, no watching movies on hulu or netflix, no obsessively checking my email and my status to see if whatever little tidbit of information I submit to the masses is being commented upon and therefore validating my existence. I care TOO much and am disappointed when no one comments on my quippy little blurb! Sad isn't it?

Some things remain because, honestly they are such a part of normal life now, I'm not sure I could maintain any sort of contact with the human world without them.
They are:
My phone - since I don't have a home phone it'll have to be my cell phone, and
Email - but only once a day. I figure I check the postal mail once a day (sometimes), I can check my email one per day too.

I'll miss the little beeps my phone makes to tell me someone has twittered me, but I'll survive. Who knows! Perhaps I'll pick up my guitar again. Perhaps I won't be checking my email while a beautiful baby rests in my lap trying to get me to look her in the eyes. Perhaps I'll learn something more about a friend than can be said in 140 characters. I'll let you know what happens. (and yes, I fully expect withdrawl.) :)


The Velvet Trunk said...

Woohoo- I am SO extremely jealous!!!

Thesupermanns said...

This is so healthy and good...i love it...

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