Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm 5 months old today!!

I'm the Baby Bear, also know as Cora, Squidoot, Squid, Doot, Little, Toad, My Girl, and whatever other name my Mama and Papa can think up for me in the moment.

Today I am 5 months old!
My favorite things are: :)
  • Sleep - I'd rather do this than eat sometimes
  • My whale and dangle-y sea creature friends that hook onto my play mat
  • Mama
  • Snuggling with Mama
  • My mobile of ladybugs which I talk to when it sings to me
  • Singing with Mama (long 'goos' and 'coos' when we sing together)
  • Papa
  • Fuzzy beard kisses from Papa
  • Machine gun fire (speed) kisses
  • Zerberts on my tummy
  • Eating my fist
  • Swimming in the bathtub
  • Being outside!
  • Being naked! In fact, if you want to see me REALLY wiggle and squeal, change my diaper!
  • Exploring. For example: Did you know I have toes?! They look tasty.
  • Sticking out my tongue. In fact, I only put it inside my mouth when I sleep. I like to taste the world!

I do not like: :(
  • Tummy time (but Mama still makes me do it - break out the earplugs!)
  • The cat in my face (for now). I've only just realized that he and the dog are living beings!
  • When Mama Bear and Papa Bear do not prepare my bottle in a timely manner
  • Missing my naptime
  • Eczema - it makes me all itchy!
Not much else I don't like. I'm a pretty happy girl!

I can:
  • Sit up, supported
  • I love to stand up! See the first photo. I've got strong legs. (Mama says, please ignore her post baby (additional) chubbiness.)
  • Wiggle and ooch backward while on my back - but refuse to roll over (see Tummy time, ICK!)
  • Coo, squeal, smile, giggle and pull Mama's hair and Papa's beard (also Papa's nose)
  • Grab things and put them in my mouth (although my aim is still off mostly)

I'm still blue eyed, (I don't think this is going to change, but you never know) and I weigh about 14 lbs. Not much, but I'm still growing! I'm in the 5-10 percentile for babies my age (birth date, not due date). At my last Doc appointment I was 2 feet long! I'm sure I'm taller by now...I can FEEL it!

Anyway, here's me in my awesome blue dress (which is REALLY a shirt from Mama's friend Mandy), but works for a dress too. I also like to eat my dress.
This is the face I make when Mama pulls out the camera.

See! I told you I like to be naked. (Mama hates that she has to resort to onboard flash to get a photo of me that is not a blur. I'm just so wiggly!)
And just for good toes


Composing Hallelujahs said...

oh wow, your little squidoot has the same birthday as baby stellen.

Jaime said...

What a sweet post! I enjoyed the updates. She is getting so, so big! What a cutie!

The Velvet Trunk said...

Such a doll!!!! =)

Busy Nothings said...

she is so cute! I love the dress!

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