Saturday, April 24, 2010

Inhabiting the days


If I could inhabit a color, it would be this one.  Blue like the sky, blue like a Caribbean sea.  Blue like a secret swimming hole.  Swim around in it.  Eat it for breakfast.  Wear it on my skin.  The spring brings this blue back to my spectrum, after the gray and white winter skies.  My part of the earth turns on it's axis to face the sun and the world grows vibrant again.  This week we are relishing and reveling in the glory of the colors of Spring, spending every waking moment 'aside' as Cora calls it.  She loves making pictures on our sidewalk amidst the tall, still unmowed grass that is full of flowers, dandelion puffs, and yes, our little snake habitat.  We stay out of the grass for now.  Soon our garden will start growing high and we will spend time outside weeding.  I look forward to it.

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