Tuesday, April 06, 2010

An end to radio silence

My camera is not doing so hot lately and without fun stuff to show you and a sick girl on hand, I am less inclined to blog than ever.  Actually the radio silence began with the miscarriage.  There was just so much stuff going on in my heart that I didn't feel like sharing with the world in general and it seemed disingenuous to write silly or frivolous things while my heart was so full of sorrow.  So I stopped.  But I like writing here, so I will return, with more frequency, soon.  I hope. 

Until then, happy Spring, happy Easter (and yes, I did finish the dress, but someone was sick on Easter Sunday so it remains un-worn.  Next Sunday, I hope!!).  I am going to sit out on my front porch steps in the sun while the baby girl sleeps off her third day of virus related fever.  I will be holding a stick in case the little inhabitants from the nest of garter snakes that are living under my front steps decide they want to share the sun with me too.  I sometimes have to give them a poke and send them retreating. And I'll be enjoying the tall grass that is all over my lawn.  Our mower wouldn't start after sitting all winter and I am rather enjoying the crop of violets, clover, dandelions, and wild green onions that are making our front lawn a veritable feast for the local bee population.

1 comment:

Mel said...

Why do we try so hard to eliminate the beautiful things that God allows to grow so easily so that we can cultivate a patch of boring green blades of grass that don't really seem to want to be there? I think the yellow dandelions provide a fabulous pop of color to my yard! LOL

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