Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Much too much.

No excuses.  I'm just not a consistent blogger right now.  For all the same reasons.  Life and all it's responsibilities are just much too much right now.  I'm working a ton, all at home, for various folks, but it takes up all those little nap times that I'd use to blog or make something before.  Plus, add to that my very first garden and you have it all summed up, right there.  If you have about 6 and a half minutes, click the link below and think of Spring.  I am enchanted by this piece today and want to share it with someone.  (I was unable to embed it here.  You have to follow the link.  Sorry!)

Melodie for cello and orchestra Op.20 No.1 by Alexander Glazunov

1 comment:

Mandy Rowland Quiram said...

I loved the cello piece. Good luck with your garden...we're on year number two and love it!!

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