Saturday, January 21, 2012

This week

Cora - ballet Cora - ballet 
* Paci wars - helping Judah learn how to sleep without it so he won't keep waking up Mama all night long when he loses it.  Not fun.  At all.  I am actually getting less sleep, but I know it will be worth it!
* First steps - Judah, motivated by a bouncy pink ball and fun with Mama took his first stepsoments wi
* First ballet class for Cora and while she took some warming up to it (crowds and new things are a bit hard for her at first), by the end she was hooked.  And now to find some ballet clothes that fit!
* Delicious moments with my two littles. Snuggles and giggles and fun.
* A Sad gray day when I could not make myself do anything other than let the kids watch musicals.  But they danced and sang and I didn't feel like I totally let them down.
* News that made me rethink the nest year and my word for the year and then realize it still applies, just in a new way (An inconclusive ultrasound - we have to wait 2 weeks for another to tell us more)
* Thinks knitted and things unraveled.
* Warm clothes dug out for a trip north to see family and friends
* Courage and patience prayed for again and again.
* Forgiveness sought from my children and hubs when I let sadness and fear fuel me to anger and harsh words.
* A week spent hoping for sunshine and receiving little.  But every little bit helps.
* A week of waiting and accepting and trying to trust that God set down these days before my life began and He meant them for good.

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