Thursday, July 09, 2009

Dancing with the Devil and other amusing past-times, plus baby with more 'toof'

Where to even begin!! It's been three weeks in TEXAS and we are home again, me with a full brain and lots to say, the baby with new skills.

First of all, I have danced with the Devil and his name is Pampers. I put aside my self-righteous (and yet, helpful to the environment) ideals about planet saving for three whole weeks and used paper diapers while staying with friends and family in the Lone Star State. I balked, I grumbled at the price, I gagged at the gel filled wad that grew with every tinkle, but now back to cloth at home, I kinda miss the ease. Plus, the baby Bear's morning diaper smelled so strongly of ammonia it literally burned my lungs! It's a vinegar wash for her diapers tonight! She has outgrown the smaller cloth diapers and these new ones that will fit her all the way through toddlerhood are, shall we say...bulky? She was so active in TX that I'm wondering if they inhibit her ability to roll around as much.

I'm happy to be home, and yet sad that my family lives so very far away and that visiting them is such an unholy ordeal, especially in the summer! Cora found a new love for all things liquid and squishy, including watermelon, just to keep hydrated! The upside to three weeks of sweating in 100+ heat? The current high of 92 in Nashvegas feels like cool breezy weather to me right now. Whoo hooo!!!!! The Geek, seeing how sad I was to leave my family behind again, suggested we start looking for a way to move to TX. I told him about the heat and he said...maybe not. He's never been there in the summer!!

One last news. After a week and half of runny nose, fevers at 1 am, grumpiness, and gnawing on everything in sight, Cora has finally cut a tooth!! One little tooth on the bottom. Also, while we were away, we discovered that she can now sit unsupported for several seconds before she gets excited and forgets to prop herself up with her hands, and then there is the army crawl. A crazy combo of sidewinding wiggling, rolling and bunching up that does, indeed, after awhile, propell her forward. It's all very exciting. :)

And now, if I could just muster the effort to get out of my jammies and begin my day... It is, after all, pushing noon.

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