Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's all a ploy.

Cuteness photos here!
OK. Not really. I just notice how my readership goes up when I post photos of my cute baby girl! How can you help it, really? She draws you all, like bugs to light. ;) My title should have warned you!

I'm pondering getting a baby sitter, taking a dose of my Adderall, and get cleaning! Just to get out from behind all of this mess in my house. Cause nothing says 'good housewife' like a little speed, right? But seriously. It's a losing battle over here! I still haven't truly unpacked from our trip to Texas, the dishes are secretly copulating and multiplying while I sleep, my desk is an unspeakable horror of mounds of paper and junk, and my day is filled up before I even get started!

How do you Mama's keep your house from being consumed by the filth monster?! Really! I need to know. I can't keep up with the baby clutter, poop, pee, puke, and flung food, much less my own messes, much, much less deep cleaning. Who knows what germs lurk under my toilet? I tried doing the whole 'one room per day' thing, but I could spend a week on my desk alone and not reach bottom.

Then a friend calls and I weigh the importance of sanity against the importance of cleanliness, toss the sponge in the sink, pack up the babe, and go whistling out of the door! (Only to be greeted by my piles when I come home, refreshed from having had conversation with someone who actually speaks a language, but horrified at my cluttered house.)

I've tried to let it go and just enjoy my baby, but when my baby is rolling around on the floor and coated in pet hair from my lack of vacuuming, something has got to give! Mama guilt. She is sleeping and while I could be cleaning now, I am blogging. You can tell I'm not truly committed to cleaning or else this post would not exist.

I think I'll go read some favorite mama blogs...

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The Velvet Trunk said...

You seriously crack me =)

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