Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm not up on the skinny

As part of a quest to have more space in my brain to actually create something, I don't have TV channels. We have a box that shows a picture, but if you turn it on and flip the channels, you will get the blue screen. (not the blue screen of death. That is another matter) There is nothing there. Yet, sometimes it's good to snuggle down in a big arm chair and watch a good show. To accomplish this, we have made netflix into our cable company. We get all the series' (a year behind) and are perfectly content to watch them (a year behind) until we catch up and then have to wait another year for say..."House" to come out on netflix. For all of you who are currently rolling your eyes at my extreme uncoolness...yeah. It's never gonna change. Get used to it. I once knew a rock star that while on the road with nothing to do, spent HOURS in WAL-MART. Every day. Better than drinking, I suppose. Musicians are not cool by nature. We are nerds by nature. (that's why we need 'artist development' lol) Ask any musician (even those spandex wearing types once they sober up - drinking hides the nerd-dom). But I digress.

We watched 'The Closer' this weekend and while her thick southern accent was good, it was much like a British person doing a really good American accent. It's good enough to fool the brits, but not me. Only a native can hear the difference. And I am a native. The show was great though, so far. Kick Ace southern chick with an axe to grind and a sugar addiction? My kind of gal.

We also watched the new adventures of Horatio Hornblower (didn't know he had old adventures!) and had a chance to hear a Brit do an American accent there, amongst all swashing and buckling. (or, since they are not Pirates, but primly dressed British navy-men: Swashing and Buttoning lol) It was Swash-Buttoning adventures on the high seas! The geek apparently used to mock his little brother for watching these shows as a kid. That little brother grew up to be a bit of a genius who runs a million dollar web company now. Careful how you treat those siblings!

So there's no real point to this post except for rambling on and on about stuff that is so old news. But I liked it, so really it's new news to me!

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