Monday, March 10, 2008

OK, for realz, yo.

First off, please know I don't talk like that. Second, I am needing a little culture in my life. I am going to be blowing my allowance this month on shows and new CD's. (Yes, I have an allowance. No, my parents don't give it to me. It's called budgeting. It's what people do who don't want to live forever in debt. Don't judge me! lol) (Man, I'm a smidge snipey today.) OK, so anyhoo. Got any great ideas for shows? I'm pretty sure I can recruit you for the cheap ones, and maybe you for the non-smoking venues. Although, I may just bypass the smoking venues after the Beyond the Edge Preds party. I coughed for 2 days! I've been feeling less like the musician and more like the admin lately. Not cool.

I talked to a friend the other day and she recommended a book for me to read to help merge the two halves of myself that seem to cancel each other out. Of course, my mind was so full of the the one canceling out the other, I forgot the title. Rats! Now she's in London.

My head is so full that I forgot to mention that it snowed. A LOT this weekend. And then melted all away by the next day. It was so pretty while it lasted. Me and Freckles went for a walk about 11pm and saw neighbors out playing in the snow. We stopped and chatted awhile. I took pictures. They should be up soon (meaning I'm a slacker and haven't done it yet.) I'll post some here, so by the time you read this, they may already be here and you'll turn your head with a distinct "baroo?" And then laugh because I'm just that spacey, but you love me. Cheers!

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