Thursday, March 13, 2008

Truth Bombs

I've been hearing a buzz about a new TV show which I won't name because I don't want to promote it, but basically, people tell the truth for money and a computer tells them (and everyone else) if they are lying or not. After watching a clip on a friend's blog, I traced her links back through her friends to a church that will be doing a series based on that show.

Here are a few questions he posed:
  • Do you let your parents cause problems in your marriage?
  • What’s more important, your ego or your spouses feelings?
  • Do you seriously not know why your kids act like they do?
There were many more along the way. My question is this:
How can these questions (the ones in the church blog, as well as on the show) help a marriage unless they are asked in a safe environment? I have been a Christian since childhood and yet, still, I am broken and in need of a savior. Everyone I know (including me!) wishes they had married someone else sometimes, everyone wishes they had never had kids sometimes (I'm sure I will when I DO have them. I am quite selfish sometimes), everyone wishes they had another life sometimes. It's how we've fallen.

We aren't content with who we are and what we have because we use those things as a substitute for God. The perfect family, husband, job, boyfriend/girlfriend, figure/body, income, status will never be enough, so of course those things will let us down. If my husband knew every sick, unhealthy, or crazy thought that came into my head, it would only serve to break his heart, not promote intimacy. Is it truth with love, or a truth bomb? Both bring the facts; one heals and one destroys. This is what I think about when a thought comes into my head. I surrender the crap and try to live in the what the truth can be if I give my life and self-will over to someone bigger than myself. Maybe then, those thoughts won't serve to damage those I love, they will become testimony to grace and forgiveness in my life.


Mel said...

Amen, Sister! I've been told that just because you think, doesn't mean you have to say it. I've really been touched by some of the things you've blogged lately. Thanks for sharing your heart.

The Musician said...

Thanks Mel!

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