Saturday, August 08, 2009

Blog stalking...and other strange modern ideas

Blogging is so weird. Really. Really. Weird. I mean, this is sort of a journal. A collection of thoughts, ideas, opinions, sweet baby pictures. If I caught you leafing through my little moleskin, I'd give you a shiner! But here, I like it. I have two groups of blogs that I read. I call them 'I know you' (Like Will Ferrell, in Elf, "knows Santa") and 'Kindred spirits' (from Anne of Green Gables. I was a nut for those books!)

The 'I know you' group is a no-brainer. Folks I know IRL (in real life). But the Kindred spirits group is all strangers. Some live in town. Some live far, far away. But I like what they have to say. I love stories and these people's words tell great stories. There are so many people out there with something to say. It's like how I hoard old photos. They tell a story that might be otherwise lost in history. So I find myself daily reading (and writing my own) the public journals of folks who's stories seem worth telling. I jokingly call it blog stalking, but sometimes I really do feel a connection with another human. I cry over posts! The Geek thinks I've lost my mind sometimes. (actually he says I just have a big heart) It's not them personally I connect with, it's the universal story. Triumph, hardship, love, faithfulness, a peaceful home, glorying in the moment and so many other ideas. I see them as books I love that get updated every day, so, unlike a good novel which eventually comes to the last chapter, this one goes on and on! But still, it IS strange, no?

PS. The Squiddly-doot and I braved our sickies and headed to the Tomato Art Fest today! (I might have been delirious to attempt it and 3 am may prove rough, again, but sometimes a girl just has to get out!) We left Papa Bear to convalesce at home. This is round 2 for him. What is this yuck! But wouldn't you know it, in spite of all the fun and friends we met there, I only got one picture, and it's of a hot, sweaty, and flapping baby. Here she is.


Mike said...

I'm so sad. There aren't a lot of other folks out there on the intertubes that are aspiring but frustrated evil overlords. *sigh* I'm happy for you that you have such interesting stuff to read.... Happy for now... Muhahahahahaaaaa

Amanda Conley said...

Awww...that's just about how I feel. And I'm sure I'll love blogs until Blogger finally gets completely overrun by facebook =(
I hope you had a good time at the Tomato Fest. I nearly dies of heat.

Amanda Conley said...

Oops - I meant "died"

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