Thursday, August 06, 2009

Busy, busy summer

We just can't sit still! (and by we, I mean me, since I'm the one who keeps planning trips) The baby bear is very mobile right now and I am reveling in it! The Papa Bear is a bit grumpy that he keeps getting left behind on all of these summer adventures, but our family vacation time will come. Don't you worry, love!

The Doot and I just got back from a jaunt to Gramma's house, (Over several rivers and through the woods) and I discovered that a 3 and half hour drive to Atlanta is very doable by myself, if properly planned for. But, wouldn't you know it, I did not charge my camera and so have just one or two photos to show for the visit. Now that I know we can do it, we'll go more often. (With a book on CD this time, for the doldrums of the drive.)

The Geek's mom and I spent hours, while the baby slept and played, digging through history. The Geek's grandfather was a professional photographer for a paper in NYC beginning in the 30s, so there is a whole lot of photographic evidence! I had a blast and I'm sure I exhausted my MIL's patience with, 'OK, now who is this in THIS photo?' Which I must have said at least 100 times. Really. And we didn't even get through one box. I also came home with a little hoard of photos of the Geek and his family, which I will be scanning soon, so I get to show off what a cutie he was!! (and still is!)

One more trip left. And this time, I refuse to leave my favorite pair of pants behind!

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Thesupermanns said...

Hi glad you made the trip to see grammie. I like the drive to Marietta. and the fact that grammies are there. I bet she loved having little Cora in her arms.
Yeah...a new little bambino for us....thanks for your encouragement. Its been a rough 15 weeks..SO DIFFERENT from my gestation period with Bennett. ha ha.

You have a lot of blogs...i think i will keep checking this one most? DO you have new music?

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