Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Cora and I have been gallivanting across the country again, and now are home with hearts full of family and a suitcase full of dirty clothes, useful hand-me-downs including a baby potty (which I took through as a carry on. Oh yes.), hand made puzzles, and pictures drawn by my sweet nieces and nephews.

We went south to Houston (area) and braved the wrath of the southern summer sun (yes, again) for a week! My sister asked me if we wanted to 'do' anything. Nope. Just hang around with you guys! So we did. We swam (a lot! You have to to survive, I'm tellin' ya),

ate lot of mangos (to which I must continually prove to myself I am allergic...sigh), visited friends, had sweet sister conversations till the wee hours of the night (ok, not wee, it was midnight, but when Cora woke up at 6am every day, it felt wee), played,

went to church, went to groovy 70's night at their church, (and we thrifted for the costumes!)

played Bunko with the ladies, and generally had a fabulous time!

While there, I altered a dress for my niece that I made when she was 4 (and mailed with no chance to try it on her before I finished) and is just now almost fitting at 6 (simplicity pattern! I didn't know they ran so big!).

She's a slim little girl, so I added some shirring in the back and she wore it to her first day of school! So sweet. I only got these kinda dark photos (it was early! I didn't think to go outside.) to show it off, but it is tiny pink and red flowers on a brown background. I don't know the name of it or the designer, but it's so sweet and reminds me of Laura Ingalls!

So we went a-vis-tin' and came home to 75 degree weather (yay!), a (mostly) clean house, and a sweet Papa/Geek, who missed us lots and lots. (he said so!) It's good to be home. Cora thinks so too! She slept for 2 hours in her bed as soon as we hit the door.

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