Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Step away from the crafting... (making things for my baby girl)

Just back away slowly and no one will get hurt!

In just 9 (short!!) weeks, my baby girl will turn one year old. (How did that happen!!!) I'm bubbling with things to make for her and projects for her first birthday. I'm hoping the following will happen. Some are a must!

1. A birthday crown (from The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule - blogged about here)
2. Fun wood toys from here. I'm thinking a lovely bead necklace (great for chewing on!), some blocks and perhaps some fruit. All of which (except for the beads) I intend to paint myself! Is this insane?
3. A birthday sweater. Which may come from here. (If the library has a copy!)

Cora needs just a few things to make it through the winter months, thanks the the very generous hand-me-downs of friends with sweet little girls who are not so little any more. So a nice sweater, a coat/snowsuit (mama intends to walk with this little girl in her stroller and I don't want her to freeze!), and soft sole leather shoes like these, or these, (too bad these and these are out of stock now, because you know I want her to be a little songbird too!!) because I imagine she will soon be quite mobile. Yesterday, she pulled up all by herself for the first time!

{Update! I found the taupe and red songbird shoes here, (aren't they sweet?) but seriously? $30 for baby shoes? I'm just too cheap for that. Sorry sweetie!}

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Alice Mary said...

I have a few baby knitting books if you'd like to borrow them for inspiration. Also, I still have your dish and carrier I need to get back to you.

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