Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Pushing it

If you happened to see me in person yesterday (Alice!), thanks for not stating the obvious. I looked like hell!! I mean, I was clean and dressed in clothes not covered in puke (for awhile anyway), but as I was giving Cora her bath for the night, (which should, in my opinion, be an Olympic sport with points for wrestling a wet baby out of the tub and into a towel, points for number of arm grasps to see if she is OK, when SOMEONE decides to lick the bottom of the tub and comes up sputtering, etc.) and I happened to look in the mirror. And there, hiding behind my, oh so hip (thanks Mom!) glasses were huge. dark. circles.

Now I did the longest, on purpose, walk of my life (sad, I know) on Sunday and felt tired still but not too bad. Apparently I am pushing my body to new heights of tired. So, I hit the hay with Cora last night, thinking...I'll get some extra sleep tonight! Woo hoo! But, 3am hit and this rebellious bod of mine popped up out of the bed, having had a brisk 8 hrs and now it is 4 am, there's a load of wash in and I'm having shredded wheat and banana for "breakfast" while blogging. I'm gonna feel this about 1pm.

On a high note, I spent a fabulous lunch with the cutest guy. Don't worry honey, he's only 2! (or is he 3 now?). Cora and I had a picnic lunch with Evan, while his Mama got a little extra work done. Gorgeous day yesterday, wasn't it? I forgot my camera while at the park, so you get a "Polaroidized" photo or two made with my new favorite little program, "Poladroid". Enjoy this gorgeously cool summer weather and wish me Godspeed as I do a shorter walk today.

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