Monday, September 07, 2009

The Musician reappears

Just what IS in the works, you might be asking. Well, I'm not totally sure I'm ready to share it. It's kinda like being pregnant (no, I'm not pregnant) and not ready to share it with the world in general. But, if I don't share it, I may never do it! So here goes.

I'm in the writing phase of a children's album. I've told some friends and put the idea out there to some folks and I'm excited about it. Details will be forthcoming, but suffice it to say, I'm excited, and totally freaked out. One would think from the blog title, that some sort of musician is around here and since I'm not the Geek, that must be me! But my last album came out in 2003 and for a long time after I got married, I didn't play or sing. I think it's a Nashville thing.

I recently read a quote (I can't remember where) that talked about how in this age of connection and publicity there seems to be only one or two people who get to shine in their field. Those who may be good at that one thing can't possibly compete so they fade back into their communities and choose other work, therefore robbing their communities of their talents. Something like that.

In Nashville it often feels like that around music. If you aren't selling a million albums, filling arenas, and topping the charts, just pack it in and go get a day job. I know tons of people who are amazing musicians, but here, in this big pond, they are tiny fish. Smaller! They are the amoebas of rock and roll. (here, at least -elsewhere they might be giants) I've felt like I can't just sing, or write, or play, I have to be a "marketable package" and let me tell ya, I'm not that. This is my foray back into music post-family making and it still feels tender and new, like a tiny pink babe. So be gentle.

P.S. Speaking of Babes...mine pulled up for the first time from tummy up to feet while delivering a lasagna to my friend Bonnie on Friday. I'm so not ready for this! Here's my little coffee shop girl who never stops moving (hence the blur) with her hair fluff tufts shining in the setting sunshine.

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Inner Lamb said...

I'm so excited to hear about the children's album. Troy & I are fans of your posted songs; would love to hear more. Hope it ends up a fabulous creation! - Lori

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