Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I should have gotten a Styrofoam head

I finished this hat for my beautiful friend Beth, who is moving away to colder climes and needed something to keep her head warm!

She showed it off in true Beth style and then our babies modeled it too. Sigh. It really did turn out well, and Beth really does have hair. I swear!

For a closeup of the yarn see the previous mentioned post. If she had posed like a model then it wouldn't really be a true reflection of who she is. Plus, these are great blackmail pictures! Ha! What a goof. I'm gonna miss my friend.

(Eichelbaby models the hat)

(then my miss priss does too)

p.s. Happy first day of September (a day late)!! I'm already headed into my second knitting project. I love these days of late summer.

1 comment:

Mel said...

Thanks for the cyber-squish. Here's one back atcha ((squish!)). I'm sorry you have a friend leaving, too. But I'm definitely grateful for the ones I have here!

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