Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Things to do in Nashville :: Beaman Park

{So I'm adding a new label called 'things to do in Nashville' so you can see and search all of our adventures here in the city and surrounding areas. Most of these activities will be kid friendly since it's usually me and the Doot (Cora).

By the way, I have been filling the role of primary diaper washer around here, mostly because it was me who decided to go cloth, not Matt. Since he didn't choose it, I felt bad in making him wash stinky diapers!}


(hmmm. I envision playing in this creek next summer)

As I have mourned before (for good reason. A good friend is hard to find!), my sweet friend Beth is moving 4 hours away soon. To wrap up her time here in Nash-vegas she has been posting favorite things about this fair city on her blog, most recently a list of great hikes in and near Nashville. I called her up to see if she wanted to hit the trail again before they leave and of course she was game.

(Beth "scouting the trail", Eli showing off his leaf which he carried the entire way back from the nature center!)

With our babes strapped to our bodies in various carriers, we ventured off into the woods. This was the Creekside Trail in Beaman Park, a newer Nashville Park. It was a pretty easy hike, even with a baby on my back. We hiked to the nature center (open very limited hours) and back, soaking in all of the afternoon light, the early changing leaves, the good conversation...all in all a lovely afternoon outing.

(trying to get a smile out of my serious girl)

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Beth said...

A lovely day! Thanks for getting me out.

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