Friday, September 25, 2009

I miss the sun

It has been very gray around here this week and while we are still far enough south that we get more than our fair share of sunshine and I should quit my whining, I still miss the sun!! Please remember that I grew up in Texas so all this rain and cloudiness is still foreign to me.

I know. Whine, whine, complain! I'll blame the weather for my daunting pile of dishes that are (STILL!!) not done. Today is the day, though. I'm leaving for the weekend and leaving Matt with that mess AND the baby is not the kindest act I could think of. Hey! Maybe I should set up a 'get Ariana a dishwasher' fund! Then I could quit whining about it.

On a good note, here's the progress on February Baby Sweater. I like knitting this top down and in the round. It's very satisfying to see how much I've done!! OK. I'm out of here till Monday. If you see Matt this weekend, give him some 'single dad' encouragement!

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