Monday, September 14, 2009


{This forum is a bit odd for responding to comments, but I wanted to say thank you for all of your encouraging words about my music project in the works. Your comments are such a fun part of my day!! By the way, what do you think of my new banner? I thought it was time to mix it up.}

Cora and I are coming out on the daylight end of a long weekend without the Papa Bear. He was off having adventures with his guy friends (shooting (airsoft) guns, running around, eating food straight out of know. Man stuff!), while the sweet babe and I did a little shopping for an upcoming birthday (oh my), celebrated a sweet friend's birthday, and sometimes just hung on till the Papa got home. It was a bit rough in places and it turned into another of those Sunday nights where I'm just going to have to download the sermon later (sigh) what with nighttime sleep/daytime nap boycotting and finally the crying and total breakdown on the way to church (her, not me...although I felt like it!)

All in all, it was a good weekend, even if I'm SO glad to have my partner back. It's hard to raise a baby alone and I'm so glad I've got Matt help me do this!

Here's her latest accomplishment: (I am in so much trouble!)
(who me? Climbing the stairs...oh. So you noticed? Hee hee!)


Thesupermanns said...

she is so cute.....i know how hard it is to not have the hubby makes us apprectiate them so much...even an hour of sanity by ourselves.
Yeah..lets hang soon....this beginning of this week is kinda busy...and my phone is broken. lets talk email weds?

Andy, Kelly, and Myles said...

glad you survived your girls weekend together! now that cora is also taking on the stairs, maybe we can have some kind of organized baby race? hope to see you two this week!

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