Thursday, October 01, 2009


I love how motherhood brings together the most unlikely of people and creates a common ground from which to build a friendship. These are from a wonderful walk yesterday with our friends, Kelly and Myles (Myles being Cora's age). (At Shelby Bottoms Park and Greenway - another great walking place which has a greenway ie, long walking paths (paved and unpaved), a nature center and currently, thanks to a ton of rain lately, more mosquitoes than I've EVER seen in my LIFE. Seriously. Avoid the bridge over the swamp on the short loop. We got swarmed!! ACK!)

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Beth said...

Eli saw these pictures and then he knew... his girlfriend is two timin'. Calling him and asking in winsome tones to go on a romantic hike and then standing up at some park bench with another guy the VERY NEXT DAY.


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