Thursday, October 29, 2009

One Glorious Year

A friend asked me how I felt about my little baby turning 1 year old, and honestly, I hadn't had a moment to to slow down and apply my brain to that thought.  Today is a good day to think about it.

I don't often wax 'religious' on this blog, although my faith is not just a part of my life, but the canvas my life is painted on, but I have to say this: God knew what he was doing when he sent me a girl.  There was a place in my heart that needed softening, a tenderness that was there, but hiding.  Cora brought that out.  From the moment they first handed me this small bundle I felt love, fear, wonder, confusion, joy.  It is no simple thing to love a child.

She was so very tiny, so new, so precious, so perfect.  I've watched her grow these last 12 months from the sleeping little bundle that Matt and I could pass back and forth, literally with one hand,  (we called her a 'single scoop' since we could scoop her up with one hand.  She's a whole gallon now!) to this beautiful, joyful, curious being who fills up my days with light (and sometimes frustration) as she explores her world around her.  She laughs when others laugh, she loves to sit in my lap and turn pages as I read her books, she says 'Oh!', she is no shy little violet and is just as loud as her mama and papa.  I love how she holds my face with her little hands and tries to say the words I say. (but only manages a lispy 'essss' sound)  She has a temper, and is very opinionated.  When I tell her no, she argues with me in baby talk!  Literally!!  But she wakes up with something to say and a smile on her face.  She sings when she hears music and dances when I turn on the radio.  I could just go on and on.  I can hardly wait to spend time with her each and every day!  I'm so glad it was this little girl that came to be with us.  My precious girl, Happy Birthday.

October (1 day old)












And beautiful girl on her first birthday



Nala said...

Cora is beautiful! Hey...i'm doing pre-folds and thirsties covers! can't wait--haven't started yet--will start for sure when he is two months old (he is 5 weeks today).

Beth said...

She is beautiful. I love the million ways she is different from Eli (because I was sort of baby-dumb and didn't know that they could really be different). She is a pearl and I am so thankful for the both of you!

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