Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chasing the sun :: In the garden

The last of our produce from the CSA is coming in. (one more week - sniff sniff) The red peppers and tomatoes seem so scandalously red, there on my worn out 50's Formica-esk countertops. Add to that the decorative Jack be Little pumpkins that came and we are reveling in things made bright by the sun. I took lots of pictures to remind me of the reds and oranges of summer when the days seem to have all faded to the same shades of grayscale. Isn't there just something so lovely about the sunshine on the shiny red skin of a tomato? (or is this weird to notice and like...hmmm)

(I love how she looks like a little butterball in her winter layers!! Sooooo sweet)

We will continue to occupy puddles of sunlight wherever we find them, storing up for the winter.

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