Monday, October 05, 2009

February Baby Sweater finished!

{Before I tell you about this sweater, I have to say Happy Birthday to my mama who celebrated her something-second birthday on Saturday. Happy birthday, beautiful Mama!!}

Thursday night I finished the February Baby Sweater (from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitter's Almanac), including sewing on these sweet wood buttons from here (a current favorite site for fun wood doo-dads). Progress here and here, in case you want to see. It wasn't too hard, which was exciting for me. I had to dig around on the web for help since the instructions were brief and without pictures. This was a fabulous help to me.

I also ended up knitting it on circular needles (except for the sleeves - straight needles, not double pointed) which gave me the ability to try it on Cora before I finished it off to check the length. The sleeves were a smidge short, but for us that's perfect since the babe is 1.crawling, 2. into everything, including messy stuff and 3. has not yet come to grips with long sleeves. (I found her with one arm pulled out of the neck hole of her pjs in an attempt to rid herself of her long sleeves.)

And because the point is not to just show you the sweater, but show off the one who I knit it for, here is Cora modeling it for me. {Just FYI, since this was thrifted yarn that I bought for a buck and this is only a little less than half of it, I'd estimate total cost of sweater plus buttons, $1.50. How fun is that!} More photos here, in case you can't get enough.

(and that little smile made all worth it.)


Andy, Kelly, and Myles said...

love it. your talent amazes me! cora is such a little cuddlebug in it!

Stephie said...

Ariana! That sweater turned out so great! I'm so impressed!

mamdajo said...

ooh, if we could only get squdges out of pictures. What a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Followed you over from SouleMama to get a peek at that sweater. How very sweet!

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