Thursday, October 08, 2009

A composite of chaos - an oasis of yarn

Once again, life is speeding up. I find myself filling my days up with things that are good for my soul, rather than things that need to be done. (besides caring for the babe) I often think that my desk is an indication of how my life looks, or at least the inside of my head. So today, I bring you, my desk. Click on the photo to go to flickr to see more comments there.

This is perhaps why I knit. A small set of orderly things that I can pick up, work at for awhile, see real progress, then set down, mid-row or mid idea. So in the middle of the desk you'll find this. My current project.

A glorious little thing I can work on when tackling the dishes seems impossible and I know the baby won't be napping for long (because boycotting her nap is her favorite activity!!). I can make a ball of string into something to keep me or a friend warm! FYI, it's Fetching from Knitty knitted in Lush yarn in Crab apple green colorway. A little oasis of peace in my otherwise chaotic day. I hope you find yours today!

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