Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I wouldn't have thought that being a stay at home mom requires so much work, but IT DOES!  When Matt and I were gone to work all day, the house didn't get messed up and therefore, no one had to really clean in, aside from the occasional bathroom scrub and dust bunny sweet.  Now, add to that my baby and then another (not mine, I'm babysitting a couple of afternoons a week - it's like INSTANT TWINS!) Indiana Jones (in Raiders of the Lost Ark) was running from a giant ball made of dust bunnies, dishes, and laundry, that would be my life.

However!  It makes me think through things, plan a little (sometimes a very little) better and honestly, enjoy the small things more.  Here's a taste of my life right now, with projects impending, Halloween impending, birthdays and parties and visiting impending...  There's a lot of impending going on around here.

 (Click on the photo to see more notes)

Yesterday this table was clean.  I envision it being clean again.  Very, very soon.  That pile of laundry in the upper left corner, mostly folded.  That orange felt, mostly a pumpkin. That stocking, well...I'm still in the beginning stages of that, but Christmas is a long way off.  I've got time.  Don't worry.  I'll get it all done...I've got momentum. (as long as everyone stays asleep for 20 more minutes!!!)

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Stephie said...

Hey Ariana!
Your table looks so much like mine! Crazy full of fabrics, books, computers, cameras, name it. I try to clean it off at the end of each day, but sometimes I just don't & it piles up all the more.

Check out my latest (draft dodgers) sewing project -

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