Thursday, October 02, 2008


Finally the Summer heat has given way to cooler Fall weather. It's about time! A favorite blogger of mine has been writing that it's wool sock weather where she lives! Of course, that is Maine, but just the same, I'd like my share of the toasty warm sock wearing weather.

Aside: (like in Shakespeare) In case you haven't heard, wool socks are my secret boyfriend, a term I bestow upon inanimate objects that make me happy. I'm serious! Check out my amazon wish list!! It's full of SmartWool socks. No lie, and knitting books, music, and other books I'd like. This is Not a birthday plug, I promise. I just really have a thing for wool socks, (SOOO much warmer than cotton) although I have yet to knit a pair. I like mine with more stretch than I am capable of producing...but I digress.

Fall weather makes me very happy. I love sweaters, but this is really the only time I get to wear them. Before too much longer, people start cranking the furnaces up and when I go into a house or a building, it is usually so warm that I have to dress in layers and am down to the lowest level (aside from bra!) soon after I get there because 1. I'm hot natured anyway and 2. I am currently equipped with my own onboard heater!

Here's my current favorite snuggly sweater.
Please ignore my serious lack of maternity jeans. These are just my regular xtra big ones!

Yesterday I went to our local natural market's fall fest and wouldn't you know it, forgot my camera! Rats. Several friends were there with their wee ones and we spent time talking while the children ran around. It was so cool and fresh. There was a mini petting zoo which included a Llama, sheep, goats, a calf, bunnies, ducks, and chickens. I'm not overly thrilled by the prospect of petting farm animals, just because I don't find sheep and goats to be that cuddly and while I was near it, the calf took a leak. Hmmm. Un-savory. The bunnies I could handle, the ducks ran away from ALL the children and having grown up with chickens, I can't imagine why anyone would want to pet them. I think we caught lice from them one time as kids (chicken feathers as hair decoration)...special! I wish I could share all those little faces and animals in the late afternoon sunlight, giggling and squealing, chasing animals and timidly reaching out a hand to touch them and then quickly pulling back, but it has to stay inside my head, alas.

I like this whole stay at home (soon to be) mom thing. It means I get more time with friends. I had such sweet conversations with all of those gals yesterday. I wish I could bottle that kind of afternoon and drink it on rainy days.


Christine said...

Love your sweater! It looks so cozy. I can't wait for my own sweater weather - hot-ness is over-rated, in weather and in super models.

Kendra & Tobin Kirk said...

I love goats! They make awesome pets. Someday when I move back to Illinois and have some goats you will have to come and visit-lol.

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