Wednesday, October 01, 2008

If I only blogged my dreams

If my dreams were all I put up here, some days it would be a helluva read. For example.

Last night, I dreamed I was trying to get a part time job at Burger King, not a real burger king, but the kind that was a storefront, so only one fry basket and a small grill. Apparently a friend of mine from college, whom we called Del Fuego (because her last name was Del Figlio and...well, it was college and we thought we were clever) worked there and she was trying to get me hired. SO I worked a whole day and then no one ever told me to come back, but they gave me a uniform (of sorts) or tried to. There was a room full of second hand jeans and two moms were passing out the size we needed, we just had to tell them. I told them my size but that it had to be maternity. They just stared at me. Then the owner came in and wanted a conduit run so his daughter could get burgers in her bedroom. Still no word about whether I worked there or not. Then, me in my street clothes and untrained was made to stand at the front of the store while the customers piled up. When I went to ask what I should do, they said, "Nothing. You aren't trained yet." A bunch of them were lying on their stomachs in the break room, coloring (with crayons). SO I just stood there and oddly enough so did the patrons. No one got mad, they just stared at me.

Then my friend came in like she had the best news in the world, bouncing! I got the job and I start right now and my shifts would be 12 hours. I mentioned I was pregnant and she was shocked. (you saw the pics right? There doesn't seem to be much question left as to my state) She said she didn't know! I asked what she thought this big belly was and she blushed and said she thought I'd just put on weight since college. (Sigh)

My first job was to transport used uniforms to be cleaned. However, when I opened the bag, there were two bandannas, one orange and one green which had money in them and a note for me saying I should keep my mouth shut and here was a little bribe money, and oddly enough some jewelry components in an envelope for me if I didn't say anything. The bandannas were color coded to the GANG they belonged to and I was supposed to be their mule for the stuff. Before I could transport it or even decide if I wanted to be a mule, a knock at the door came. Two thugs were there and one had a gun in his hand. They politely asked me to open the door. I refused and before shooting could break out, I heard a beep. Then another, then several...then I opened my eyes to my sweet Geek's drooling face about 6 inches from my own and his alarm (which only ever wakes ME up) going off.

Some days I wish I could record these dreams because, unlike the one above, some are like MOVIES! When the Geek and I first got married I had to catch up on all the Stargate episodes so we could watch them with friends and I wouldn't be lost or have to have things explained to me during the current episodes. Three per night and I was dreaming more at night! I coulda been a great writer for that show.

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