Friday, October 03, 2008

Happy birthday Mama!

Mama at my brother's wedding, 2006

See this gorgeous gal? It's my mama, Woodie. AND, today is her birthday. This woman is amazing and I'm only beginning to realize just how amazing she is. Here are some small highlights of her life:
  • Graduated high school at 16, 'cause she was SO smart
  • Got kicked out of college for participating in Civil Rights marches (how fricking cool is that!)
  • Birthed (without drugs, except for the last one who was 11 lbs and breach) 7 children
  • Has stayed married, no matter what life brought for nearly 37 years now!
  • Lived in foreign countries for 8 years (and made 4 babies there) sharing her faith with others
  • Put up with the insanity of a house full of kids and loved us well
  • Decided in her 50's to finish her college degree and get her Masters
  • Fabulous Mother and Friend to me (and I'm sure many others...although maybe not the mother part)
  • Is turning 61 today.
I wish I had more photos of her when she was young, but alas, they were all destroyed when she was out of the country. But her legacy lives inside her, not in the photos I have. She is one helluva woman and I love her.
Mama, Papa and my oldest sister 1974 (weren't they groovy?)

Happy Birthday Mama!

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