Friday, October 17, 2008

Just life...and then some.

My day today:
  • Roasting a chicken in the crock pot , 8-10 hours (but minimal work for me!)
  • About to start a new loaf in the breadmaker, 3 hours, but once again, minimal me work!
  • Roasting a butternut squash in the oven. Some work, but SOOOOOOO worth it.
  • Re-arranging the office (this could take DAYS). I got rid of the huge 'door as desk' operation and pared down to a small desk. Should help me manage mess level, but now all the gradoo from the shelves has to be gone through and reduced. See why it could take days?
  • Purging my magazine collection. I always think I want hand-me-down magazines, but then the guilt of not reading them, and not wanting to waste any perfect recipes, tips, ideas etc, makes them stack up, taunting me. They are going in the recycling bin today. Goodbye Martha and Real Simple. I'll read you online. Less paper (and guilt) that way.
  • Watching the bean shift her butt from side to side of me. It's starting to not hurt. I guess that means I finally stretched enough to fit her!
  • A nap and a walk with the Geek.

1 comment:

Jaime said...

I agree with you about the guilt of unread magazines! I hate to think of all the great things I'm missing. I started throwing mine out, too! I did the same with my parenting magazines. It's overwhelming to think of all the things we should be doing to be the best parents and have the best kids... Recycle bin! :-)

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