Saturday, October 25, 2008

Neighborly love!

My neighbors came over and helped me do stuff last night! They moved brush to the curb and get this...washed my dog! That is far over and above the call of duty. Heck, even I hate it! I think she properly hair-ified their house. They replaced light bulbs, took out the recycling, put away dishes and laundry and all the little piddly things I keep meaning to get to. It was awesome! Thanks neighbors! I am so grateful!

As for me, I seriously have to crack the code of what is contributing to my physical pain. It's not just carpal tunnel any more. It feels more like arthritis with my knuckles swelling whenever I sleep. My knee gave out today while coming down the stairs and if the Geek hadn't been there I would have fallen. My feet have also joined in the fray with nerves going crazy for no reason and pain being a regular thing now. I actually dreamed last night that my mind was telling my body to surrender to the pain so I could get some rest. You know it's serious when my body parts start talking to each other! (I think it worked too. I stayed asleep for 4 hours which is the longest stretch I've managed for months) I think the homemade pizza with turkey pepperoni last night was a big factor. Too much sodium! I'm like a swollen toad today. Misery does not become me.

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Thesupermanns said...

your shower today was so precious...loved spending it with you and good to hear all the love that was in the room for you.....and the little baby coming

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