Monday, November 09, 2009

Food for Fines!!

As I may have mentioned, food for those in need is foremost on my mind right now.  So when a little banner ad flashed up on the Nashville Public Library website about Food for Fines, it caught my attention right away.  For two reasons.  First, collecting food for Second Harvest will directly benefit those in need in our community which is fabulous and much needed, and second, I've got about $20 in fines that I need forgiven!  And I'm all about trading my cans of tomato sauce for a clean slate.

So November 9th through the 24th, haul your cans of food and boxes of pasta (etc) in to the circulation desk  (Bag them or box them up) and bring your library card so you can get credit!  Visit the Nashville Public Library website for more information about when, where, and how.  What a great way to start off November!

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