Tuesday, November 03, 2009


It's quite easy for me to get lost in the daily shuffle around here.  I suppose this is the struggle of every human, no matter what their job or station.  We grow up, put on our big girl (or boy) undies and head out into life, clad in the requisite gray, black, or brown, ignoring the world around us in an effort to get things done.

Today I want to take the opportunity to find wonder.  To find something like these three leftover birthday balloons suspended in a stream of heat from the vent, and to think, as a friend said when she saw it, 'It's kinda magical', and it is.  I know the principles of thermodynamics (etc) behind it, but still it is a bit magical.  I hope you find a bit of wonder in your day today.


Mandy Rowland Quiram said...

Loved this! Thanks Ariana!

Alice Mary said...

And, to think - I thought they were stuck to the wall with static electricity. The reality is even more wonderful.

A year ago, this Susan Enan song was my theme - sorta still is:


Let's keep bringing on the wonder!

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