Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I asked for Wonder

The baby is awake at the crack of dawn again.  I grab her, sure I smell a poopy diaper, and lurch down the stairs, my joints and muscles protesting and reminding me of my impending birthday.  I grumble and muster a little smile and a 'good morning' for my wide awake wee one as I change her wiggling bum.  Then the dog makes her needs known.  I cringe at the thought of opening the door to the cold air and just open it wide enough for her.  Then this catches my eye.  A beautiful moment that I would have only caught if I had been awake (and let the dog out to pee) at exactly this time.  I am stunned, bowled over by the colors and the glory of an autumn sunrise.  I asked for Wonder.  He delivered.

What about you?  Did you find wonder in your day?  Go listen to this song by Susan Enan on my friend's blog.  It's putting words to how I feel this morning.

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Hitoshi said...

I saw Susan Enan open for Over the Rhine several years ago back in Massachusetts, and I remember when Alice posted that song on her blog. Thanks for reminding me of her music--she finally has new stuff up on her myspace, and I just downloaded "Plainsong" from amazon. I'm giving it a first listen now. Lovely.

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