Thursday, November 05, 2009

Starting the Holiday Knitting!

This year, I have time, gumption, and sensation in my hands (oh, and no postpartum depression).  I will be making things for Christmas!!  Sometimes for our family, sometimes for other families.  I have this sweet little Christmas stocking on the needles right now and it's a whole new world of intarsia and stranding.  I'm slightly intimidated.  See how the letters are puckering up?  Not sure how to make it STOP doing that.  I'm gonna get a few rounds further along and go back and fiddle with it.  The pattern is from Annie's Woolens and is very cute and only slightly hair-pulling inducing.  (Don't try to knit this and watch Hulu.  Bad things happen, I tell ya.  There will be a lot of frogging and tears.)  I've got lots of other ideas and things lined up in my queue over at Ravelry.  More than I could ever actually get done!  But still, it's fun.  Happy brisk Thursday!

1 comment:

Jean said...

I have more yarn (yes, MORE) for you if you want it. Got red, green, purple & black/multi. Can send pictures ... Let me know! (All this yarn & you're the only one I know that actually knits!)

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