Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I can bundle myself and my baby against the weather and the world, but I cannot remain insular.  I took my neighbors to meet with the benevolence team from our church, but their need is so great.  It's everything.  Water, lights, gas, rent, food, clothes.  All these things that I take for granted.  All these are things they need. 

I'm pondering how I can help today.  Would you readers be willing to pitch in to get them a kerosene heater?  Just a thought.  Let me know.

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Hitoshi said...

Without knowing that much about the situation: yes, I'd be willing to chip in some. Perhaps you can also see if friends have spare blankets to donate. I would also recommend communicating clearly with the family in advance just to make sure that they would _want_ a kerosene heater (or blankets, for that matter). It may seem like a obvious solution (or part of a solution), but it's always good to have that dialogue with the parties concerned when it comes to needs and solutions--engaging and not imposing (not to say that that's what you we're doing; you've probably received some imposition yourself, for that matter). Without knowing more, I do admittedly have reservations, but on a basic level: it's cold, they have no heat, I can contribute. Please keep me posted. Thanks, and peace.

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