Monday, December 14, 2009

Advent :: His story begins

[Hey all. We've been laying low all weekend. Cora's fever persisted for days and the docs told us to wait it out. No need to bring her in unless a cough starts. Which it didn't.  But talk of possible strep freaked me out, so we went.  Just a virus. Poor little had been sleeping most of the day and night, not eating very much and living off of milk, apple juice, pb&j's, and cheese (her favorite). Today was finally the turnaround.  I'm so glad to have a well household again!  Now on to the post]

Happy third week of advent!

This week in our advent readings begin the actual story of the birth of Jesus.  The first chapter of the book of Luke sets the scene.  A baby boy born to a childless older couple.  A boy who will grow up to be the herald of the king  Angels visiting people here on earth and amazing them with glimpses of God's plan.  A young girl says the words that would change history. (Imagine if she had said no!)

Here are the readings for the third week of Advent:
Sun. Luke 1:5-13
Mon. Luke 1:14-17
Tue. Luke 1:18-25
Wed. Luke 1:39-45
Thu. Luke 1:46-56
Fri. Luke 1:57-66
Sat. Luke 1:67-80

So many things are happening around here in preparation to celebrate my favorite birthday.  And an amazing thing has happened!  My moms group has decided to 'adopt' the family across the street for Christmas!  Such a beautiful outpouring of love and generosity.  There needed things, fun things, warm things, a tree and much more!  Including a heater!!  It is a beautiful season around here. 

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