Friday, December 11, 2009

Quiet Day

Cora woke up early with a fever this morning and is very, very, very cranky.  I hope it's just teeth.  Today calls for rest and peace.  No frantic running about and having everyone over (like I've done the majority of days this week).  Just me and my girl.  And a tiny alligator book by Maurice Sendak.

Matt and I went on a date last night (we made up from my insanity yesterday morning) and due to my bad timing, missed the movie start times.  Instead we went to Starbucks to warm up and to chat.  We ended up helping out a stranded girl by jumping her car, then headed to find something else to do and realized that after 9pm on a Thursday, unless you are going to a show (didn't plan ahead), a movie (ditto), out to eat (we ate a home) or a bar (smokey and we aren't much for drinking.  Nothing against it, just not a thing for us), there is nothing to do in Nashville.  Even our standby, the bookstore, was closed by 9pm.  So we went home.  Fuddy duddies!  But that was nice too.  Now today is brilliantly sunny, but cold and Cora and I are working getting her better.  (much sleeping - not much eating)  Maybe we will chance a really, really bundled up walk in the sun later. 


Stephie said...

I *think* "Books and Million" (Charlotte pike) stays open until 10 or 11pm on weeknights. But, yeah, there's not much to do in Nashville after 9pm unless you've planned ahead or want to smoke/drink.

Jaime said...

We have that exact set of Narnia books in the background. :-) Great minds. :-)

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