Friday, December 18, 2009

A 'mom year' in review -AKA Things I never thougth I'd do.

I didn't take any photos that I'd like to share with you because, honestly, how many times can I show you my Christmas tree.  You are over it, right?  So this one is just words.  As I sat and fed my baby girl I realized that I often do things in my day that I SWORE I would never do as a mom.  And here I am, doing them, coupled with my favorite phrase when things like that come my way, 'Oh well.'  I thought I'd share since you mamas can (maybe) relate and you mamas to be should be warned.

  1. I have held the feces of another human IN MY HAND.  And I wasn't that grossed out about it.  My motto: skin washes!
  2. I have been know to pre-chew my daughter's food for her when there is nothing that she can eat on her own (no molars yet) and we are out and about.  Hey, birds do it!  At lease I'm not 'pre-digesting' it for her. 
  3. My daughter, when it is time for nap or bed, cries herself to sleep.  I know.  I'm scarring her for life.  I've tried every known 'no cry' method and they don't work for this kiddo. She just has something to work out before sleep finds her.
  4. I lick my thumb to wash a smudge off of her face.  At this point, there is no body fluid that this child produces that has not landed on me in some way, so if she gets a little spit cleaning in return, so be it!
  5. My baby has watched T.V. before the age of 2.  The horror! What else is there to do on day 2 of 3 of fever and the only place she will sit is my lap, for hours and hours on end?  Hulu to the rescue!  Granola mamas, please don't shun me!!
  6. All those rules about food allergies and things to wait on...I broke 'em.  I suck.  Graham crackers on airplanes were my standby travel food and after an hour + of delayed take off,  things can get a little crazy.  Who knew they had spores?!  So far we've been ok.  I keep Children's allergy meds in the house in case.
  7. We did and sometimes still do co-sleep.  Before we had her, Matt and I agreed that she should only sleep in her own bed.  That flew right out the window so this Mama could get some sleep!  She's on her own now, but some mornings (at 4am) she gets cold or lonesome, so I bring her in our bed to snuggle and warm up.  Matt, despite his fears, has never once rolled on her.

There are so many more, but that is enough for now.  I love this job and my favorite parts about it are 1. I get to keep learning and getting better at it and 2.  I can't be fired!  Talk about job security in an unstable economy.  Have a great weekend!  I'll be back on Monday with a brain full of blog.


Josh said...

LoL... Technically, you did pre-digest it... Spit has more uses than face cleaning and lubricating the swallowing process. It also begins the digestion process. That's why those artificial sugars don't taste like sugar, because you can't digest them (my theory at least).

Oh, and I've got to get your sphere crochet pattern. I need some juggling balls.


Kendra & Tobin Kirk said...

That's funny cause Toby is always worried he will roll on Wyatt. Sometimes he sleeps with us in the morning for an hour or two and Toby worries but he never has rolled on him.

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