Wednesday, December 30, 2009

City Baby

[I was out sick yesterday with something wrong with my back.  I couldn't even lift the baby!  Stress, new exercises, fatigue...they lead to my body forcing me to take a rest.  Even to sit in this chair and type is pretty painful, so I beg your leave if this post is less than coherent.]

We've been making an effort to get outside whenever we can since the sunlit times are few and far between.  Thus, lots of Cora in her 'snow suit'.  (as if there were snow...ha!)  Walks in the morning, with stroller and dog.  We just kinda throw on warm layers and head out (sometimes.  Sometimes the warm covers call us back before we get out of the door!)

Since our little VW is taking sick days lately, we are down to one car.  And me and my city baby head to the bus stop and take rides downtown.  Mostly to the downtown library for story time.  I like that she is a city baby, but I miss the country.  I thought of that just before Christmas when I had to trespass to get some pine cones for my table!  So sad.

(Cora eyeballing a stranger on the bus)

I grew up with nature all around me on 24 acres where I roamed to my heart's content.  Mama just wanted a general idea of where we were, as long as we were home by twilight.  When I think about those days, our life here feels a bit confined, a little too urban (or sub-urban).  I don't want her growing up and not knowing how to light a camp fire, or how to catch crawdads in the creek, or how to worm a hook for fishing.  These are life skills, people!  It's where we are right now, and that is OK, but there is a soft tune of country roads in the back of my mind.  Who knows where that may end up calling us some day. 


Kendra & Tobin Kirk said...

That's exactly why we moved here. We have plans to go ice fishing this winter and I can't wait! It's been years.

Flo Paris Oakes said...

I grew up on a cattle ranch in the middle of nowhere and Josh grew up on a fish farm.
I can't imagine we will ever acclimate to city life, and most likely, a farm with goats is in our future...even if it is awhile down the road!

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