Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The stockings were hung on the...uuh...bookshelf with care

I've been working on this stocking (Suzi is a friend's daughter by the way) for what seems like an age now!  I ripped out the leg part of the stocking no less than 5 times (too skinny and I needed to add stitches, too bunchy because I stranded the yarn too tight etc, etc.) and the heel and toe (my first foray into 'short rows'), no less than 3 or 4 times respectively.  And now, blocked, woven in, with scarf and jaunty little top hat added post knitting, and some lovely flannel lining sewn in, I give you 'The Christmas Stocking'!  Hurray!

This was definitely a learning experience for me.  Stranded knitting, pattern charts...this was a whole new world!  But I made it to the other side with lots of extra knowledge.  Plus, now that I've done a sock (albeit a big one), I  know I have NO desire to do socks.  None.  Perhaps that will come later, but for now...ug!  I am not a sock knitter.  (which is strange, since I love wool socks)  I liked the pattern even though the chart had what seemed like errors on it. (design ended in a strange place and should continue on to next row since it's in the round, but doesn't - the adding in of stitches when I widened the pattern fixed the problem )

It turned out very well and now I am debating if I should do knitted ones or felted ones for my own family.  Hmm.  Tough one. (Matt has cast his vote for knitted after seeing this one)

[For those who care about these things, I got the pattern from Annie's woolens and knitted it with Lion Brand Wool Ease - worsted weight, in Denim, Avocado, Ranch Red, Black, and White Multi which had a bit of sparkle in it. The yarn felted just a bit during blocking which added a nice clean look to the stitches.  I also had to adjust the patten for the smidge smaller gauge than what the pattern called for.  It called for 16 sp4i and the Lion Brand knitted up at about 19/20 sp4i (stitches per 4 inchs).  One would think that doesn't matter much until you get halfway through and realize how skinny the stocking is and have to rip it all out.  Ug!  The holly flannel lining is from Joann fabrics.]


Stephie said...

Ariana - I'm so impressed! You should charge like a ga-zillion dollars for that stocking! So detailed!

Christy Nicholson said...


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