Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside

Well, not so much today, but yesterday it was cold enough to bring the first frost.  We broke out the fleece and sweaters and found sun-spots to warm up in.  I love the bedhead that this doot gets!  I took early (and I mean EARLY) morning photos of the frosty yard while Cora observed from the sidelights (complete with baby, dog and cat nose prints.  Awesome.)

We made it through almost the entire autumn here in the city without much frost, in spite of what the Farmer's Almanac says.  I'm not sure how winter can compete with all of the paved space around here anyway!  But still I am glad for the welcome cold, even if it's an excuse for me to knit more for a little sweet gal I know! And how can I resist this little face anyway, hmm?

By the way, still no decision on the family across the street. They seem to have lights, but I think they are bumming it from their next door neighbor.  I'm thinking a lot about it as this cold sets in.

1 comment:

Erin said...

I love the pic of cora looking out the window. its so beautiful.

the family without lights is a situation we face over here, and I too am not sure what to do about it. In Illinois the heating company ran a program where people could opt in to donate money to help cover the heating costs of less fortunate folks, but does TN have anything like that?

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