Wednesday, September 10, 2008

'Birfing' class and an eventful day

The Geek and I had an eventful day yesterday...

The bug had developed pinholes in the gas tank from rust that finally were leaking so bad that neither of us could ride in the car for the fumes. So we trundled it of to see the old guys at the repair shop. 87 bucks later, she's back!

I had my glucose tolerance test yesterday where they gave me this very sweet beverage to drink. It actually reminded me of a very sweet version of McDonald's Orange drink. Do they still have that? I remember how it was supposed to be the 'kids option.' Might as well hook them up to an sugar water IV! Being a sugar addict, this was like giving me a dose of crack! I needed more! I found myself at Krispy Kreme having a custard cream chocolate covered doughnut. I actually bought 4 total, but brought some home to the Geek so I wouldn't go into sugar shock! To no avail, I passed out in my chair while working for about an hour. OK, not passed out, but I did crash from all that sugar and slept for an hour while I sat in the la-z-boy with my laptop on my lap (which I was trying to use to work).

I went for a massage here: which was freaking amazing!! My friend Jenny at Pied Piper recommended her and she was great. She had this thing called a 'preggo pillow' where I could actually lie face down! For the first time in months, I felt like I didn't have this huge belly attached to my front. The babe liked it too. She was very chilled out the entire time and didn't kick me once while I was on my belly, which she usually won't quit doing if I even am HALF rolled over on my side too far. PS, if you go get a massage, tell her you heard about her from me. I get a free massage! She was also a foster mom for Freedom Farms and had 4 juvenile kitty babies who were very friendly and snuggly, not to mention great tips on how to train Gizmo not to get on my counters!

Finally the Birthing Class begun yesterday evening. I realize that in everything I try to control the outcome and I admitted as much to my Geek. I had no doubt that I'd read every piece of material available to me about labor and delivery, but had some fear that my sweet Geek would try to wing it, which for things that involve blood and medical stuff, I felt was a bad plan. So I asked him to go to birthing class with me. He was actually very willing and excited about it. I need to learn to trust him to do what is best for him...why can I not get this lesson! But we went and enjoyed it, we are among the minority with 9 boys, 5 girls and 2 unknowns expected among all the couples. One is a twin set who's father made the comment that his wife was going to be in charge of all diapers. We booed and mocked him sufficiently, don't worry. She didn't show us a video of a birth last night, but she warned that one was coming. Yipe. It reminds me of a principle that my friend has. For every 'freaker outer' there must be a 'calmer downer.' I am a little freaked out by the whole process, but haven't let myself go there because I know the Geek is the squeamish one, so if I freak out, who will calm him down? How very co-dependant of me.

It is a scary thing for me. I am worried I will wimp out and beg for a C-Section or drugs, or that I'll pass out from the pain. Not that I've ever been a person who had trouble with pain or medical procedures in the past, but this is an unknown. It is a bit freaky. You'd wig out too if you saw a computer generated image of how they were going to cut you from vagina to rectum to get a baby out of you! (exhale...crash)

OK, I'm back. I think the class will be good for me to be prepared and talk about what I'm afraid of. Now if I could just get the Geek to put on the pregnancy sympathy belly!

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Dana said...

so every single birth has been different for me and i want to encourage you with the stuff i learned before #3-the best one of the bunch (#4 would have been the same concept but we had to induce early and made it more difficult with the pitocin).
anyways, read through these websites and see what you think.
as with anything you read, pray first and use discerment. ;) oh and have you seen "the business of being born"? there are a couple things i don't quite agree with, but overall it's great to watch. if you have netflix, it's available on instant watch. :) ok i'll shut up now. ;)

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