Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gas Crisis in Nashville makes some laugh...News at 11

There has been a shortage of gasoline in Nashville for several weeks now, with insane lines and fights (fights!) at the pumps over who gets gas next. Police and gas station attendants have to shuttle in cars one at a time! It's been crazy. We just stayed home for the weekend and the Geek worked from home yesterday. Last night I ventured out to hang with my Monday night group and found gas for $4.39/gallon, but no lines (@7pm) and filled up the bug which should last us a good week and a half! It only holds about 8 gallons too, so it didn't break the bank. People have really been in a panic about this and this video is a humorous look at the gas crisis, with subtitles. What would we do if the US REALLY had a gas crisis? I personally think people would start getting shivved at the pump.

Blogger won't let me embed it, so here's a link: Gas Crisis


Thesupermanns said...

hello to you in bloggy land. Im glad you have one..i know this gas crisis is CRA-Z. I enjoyed out walk today too. So happy for you and Matt to enter this new season. love ya

Amanda Conley said...

We had a lot of trouble with the gas this weekend. My husband missed being shot by mere feet at one pump as the car in front of him was riddled with bullet holes. It was very scary!

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