Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Good-bye little FX

You've were a good car, for 5 long years. When Scott and Annmarie gave you to me, I was grateful. They couldn't take two cars to NYC and they gave you to me, my little FX, for nothing. I put you with a friend while I went to Peru and she lost the key! Oh well. A locksmith later and you were mine, all mine. My very own roller skate!

I ran you all over the place!! Several trips to TX, lots of kids packed in the back in car seats when I was a Nanny, and, to be honest, not that many repairs. Once you even held a washing machine in your hatch! It was like you were magic, little on the outside, huge inside! You even graced the cover of my last album: Scenes from a moving car. Who would have known you'd be sidelined by a bad transmission, stuck in my driveway for 18 months while I moved on, replacing you with a shiny new (to me) super beetle (which in retrospect was not a great plan, considering how many repairs Naartjie has had in the last year-sigh). If you are anything like Herby (and I think you may have been), your fenders drooped when I drove that shiny orange car into the drive. The Geek and I met and got married during the time I drove you, little thing. Thanks to you, we never made out in the back seat! (There was no room. My own personal vehicular chastity Then, when his car broke down, you became our only ride. Faithful, hard working, tiny. That was my FX. I can't watch them haul you away just now, on the back of a flat bed trailer. They said you'd be melted down to make more cars. Good luck little FX. I hope you end up as a Ferrari!

I was collecting all the leftover bits and bobs from inside the car this morning in preparation for my her to hauled away, junked, and I am all sad now. She was such a good car, and with a new tranny and a battery, would be good as used! It seems such a waste. I love my bug, but he's a temperamental thing that will leave me stranded as soon as look at me! Jamie is having to fix the electrical system that shorted out last night and left me and the Geek parked in the Sheet Metal Workers Union parking lot, stranded, unable to attend birthing class, begging a neighbor to come pick us up! Here's a link to a set of photos of her when I tried to sell her to someone else who could love her, my little FX.

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The Velvet Trunk said...

Awwww...I'll miss that car too though your new one is such a cutie! Rooting for the Ferrari "makeover" alongside you! :)

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