Monday, September 01, 2008


I have always had strange and vivid dreams. often I'd wake up with a story in my head like I'd just watched a movie, but this morning i have a stranger one. I was dreaming of a sport that in my dream was called the oriole. it was a large oblong shield that you threw like a shot put with a few turns. It was yellow and black and there was an old (Norse) poem that told about the flight of the oriole. The shield was pointed on one end, but on the other, curled in sort of plumes. I'll have to draw it so I don't forget. But you hung on to a rope at one end and hooked it with an arrow at the other, then spun and threw it. I guess it was a weapon, but it was being taught in a strange sort of out door gym class as a sport.

A quick trip to google references shield throwing as only a shameful thing for a Greek to do in battle (ie, run away from battle) as talked about by Aristophanes (referenced in this book: The Context of Ancient Drama By Eric Csapo, William J. Slater) or as something that online gamers do as an attack.

So I'm not sure where my brain got this story! I have had flying dreams recently too, which I have never had before. I always wished to, but always ended up falling, not flying. Oh well, just another odd thing to have in my head.

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