Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dis one's for you Babe.

I have to brag on my sweet hubby for a moment. Today he:
1. Rubbed my back at 4 in the morning when I woke up all hurting
2. Snuggled me in the morning sunshine
3. laughed at my silliness
4. took me swimming (floating) even though it's his least favorite thing
5. saved the last bottled water for me and brought me several throughout the day
6. helped me up and down from the laz-y-boy of death (it sucks me in!)
7. went on a Fat Mo's run to bring me red meat for my protein cravings
8. gave me kisses when I needed a kiss
9. brought me an ice pack in the middle of the night
10. never once got annoyed with me being needy
11. said he thought I was beautiful in all my roundness and MEANT it!

For the million little ways you show me how much you love me every day...thank you! You are the best manservant(hee hee)/husband a girl could ask for.

1 comment:

TLC said...

So cute! This post may be for *him* but it blesses the rest of us to see you publicly praise him, too. Love it!!

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