Monday, August 18, 2008

Politics make me want to move to...anywhere else

Oh, I am so over all this whining and back and forthing! He said this and my feelings are hurt...can you believe anyone would dare do such a thing...I have all the answers, you should listen to me...I've spent more money on this campaign than most of you will earn in a lifetime!! You should listen to me...

As if a single branch of the Government (Executive - see I was paying attention in class) could actually move the mountain that is bureaucracy! All the promises in the world amount to a drop in the bucket unless the rest of the system backs him up.

I keep swearing off reading political news, but it keeps dragging me back in. WHY?!!?!

I wish I had TV to watch the Olympics instead.

1 comment:

Elizabeth Wickland said...

you can watch the olympics online! =D (and a bunch of movies/tv shows, too, at if you need something more brainless than politics!)

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