Friday, August 29, 2008

Don't die Honey, but if you do (later...much later!) I'll turn you into a diamond

The Geek long ago made it known that he wanted to be cremated a long time from now when he dies. I thought this weird, since who will be in the grave spot next to me if he's in an urn, but in an effort to respect his wishes, I've been trying to accept this. Then today on a news site, I spied this article. It turns out that there is a company that will take your beloveds ashes and turn them into a diamond (created in a lab of course).

While this may seem morbid, I would much rather have my hubby as a sparkling reminder close to my heart than as a dust collector on the fireplace mantle.

For the not so dead, there is also the option to take some of your hair and have one made. Think about it. I have 6 siblings and if we each gave some hair to make a stone for our Mama, how COOL would that be?! Just a thought.

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